Friday, July 28, 2017

When Fan Theories Come True

My roommate and I have been watching the new Little Witch Academia on Netflix over the last week. It's freaking adorable, btw. But I'm not going to gush about it for a whole blog post, I promise. Instead, I'm going to gush about the fact that weird fans like us are now becoming creators, and providing content we adore to other weirdos like us.

Long story short, we were two or three episodes in and my roommate came up with this theory about a character named Shiny Chariot. Neither of us honestly thought her theory was going to be more than this little fan theory to amuse us (and maybe, you know, write fanfic about later). It seemed totally off-the-wall and, while it was entertaining, we've consumed enough media to realize the odds of this actually happening were pretty slim.

But halfway through the season--it came true!

She also called a character development in the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender on minimal hints.

While this could be dismissed as my roommate just being super good at reading tiny hints in shows and extrapolating, I think it's also a huge possibility that it's a cool little side effect of people in our generation becoming creators and putting their work into the world. There are little things, plot twists and tropes, that people who grew up in fandom tend to enjoy--and those little things are now making their way into popular media instead of remaining relegated to fanfic and fan art.

Those of us who grew up participating in fandom in some way or another are now the ones putting out webcomics, new TV shows, books, and other media--and we're not at all ashamed to use those tropes and ideas and goofiness we put into our fics and headcanons in our 'legit' work. In my opinion, it's super cool to watch as things continue to evolve and change and encompass more diverse ideas.

Emer is still plugging away at her massive fanfic, which is taking up most of her downtime and creative energy. But she's still making time to watch anime, because she's a massive nerd.

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