Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Things I Missed

Okay, I've talked a few times about going back to revisit books and/or TV shows that I really enjoyed but never thought about going back to. For books especially, I always thought, "I already read this. I know what's going to happen, and I don't need to do it again." But despite the fact that I've listened to a bunch of my favorite books on audio AND read some of them twice, I never realized how much I forgot or even missed.

I'm rereading The Dresden Files right now. Started out with the first book, and now I'm just going to hit the entire series. Because why not?

And, wow, I missed a lot in Storm Front. There are full chapters and sub-plots that I don't remember from the last two times I went through them. Characters I don't remember seeing. Other characters and locations, scenes and events that only spark a memory because they show up in later books, too.

Now that I'm a couple of chapters into Fool Moon, I'm really excited to reread stuff I don't remember. It's probably been at least six years since the last time I read this one, which means a lot of this is going to be new to me again.

The same thing is happening as I rewatch Burn Notice, and I find it incredibly interesting and exciting. I can't wait to go back to some of my old novels, too, and see what I missed there that could take them out of the trunk!

Writing, rereading, and rewatching are a new passion for Giles, especially as he hammers his way through his WiP.

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  1. I have books I reread from time to time. As the decades wear on, my experience with the book changes. I guess it illustrates the point that the consumer of art contributes to the artwork. Experiences change us, sometimes subtly other times more overtly. Our relationship with a book evolves. I think the measure of a good book is that it reveals new facets with each read. On the flipside, there were books that I adored in my teens and twenties that I now find to be terrible.

    A recent study from SUNY, Buffalo showed that watching reruns or rereading books could restore willpower. A handy tool, when trying to adopt new habits.