Friday, July 7, 2017

More Thoughts on DCC 2017

Man, I can't believe this was our fourth Denver Comic Con. So much great stuff!

This year, my personal goals were to find some other cosplayers from the things I was cosplaying from (Final Fantasy XV and Yuri on Ice were my last-minute decisions), bring home merchandise from a few specific fandoms, and not totally freeze while interviewing Diana Gabaldon on the main stage. I'm thrilled to announce I accomplished all of those goals!

Friday, I stumbled upon two other cosplayers from Final Fantasy XV and, as we were taking photos together, two more found us and we wound up with a fabulous group who might even get together for non-con cosplay photos at some point. It was fantastic to nerd out with these other people who were also super into this game and discuss how they put their costumes together, their favorite parts of the game, and what they were looking forward to at the convention. On Sunday, when I was Yuuri, I happened upon a Victor in a flower crown who let me get a picture, too. I seriously love cosplay nerds, guys.

As far as merchandise goes, I wound up with way too many keychains, some beautiful art prints, and a set of stickers that still need to go on my water bottle. There was so much to see this year, so many incredible artists, and I still feel like I somehow missed out on a lot despite being on the con floor most of the weekend between interviews and panels.

On Saturday, for the Q&A with Diana Gabaldon and Andrew Gower, I was dang glad I had theatre training! I was doing okay the morning before, but the minute we got to the backstage green room and Diana and Andrew came in, I got super nervous. I'd never done a mainstage event on my own before, and I'd been table watching when Michelle did it last year, so I had no idea what to expect. The DCC crew was fantastic for making sure we were where we needed to be, had microphones and water, and were running on time. The mainstage crew are some seriously fantastic people! Once I hit the stage and the lights were on, my theatre brain kicked in and I went from "omg, what am I doing?!" to acting-mode, and I like to think the panel went brilliantly. We have audio that'll go up on our feed soon, and I believe DCC will be posting video as well. We'll definitely cross-link when they do!

So, yeah, overall, it was a fabulous weekend, even though I'm still recovering. Not having a table meant a lot more walking!

Emer is a rebel this week and posting a photo of her Final Fantasy XV cosplay instead of her normal headshot because she can. She's also going immediately back to sleep to try and fully recover from the amazingness of DCC.

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  1. You did a fantastic job moderating! I highly enjoyed the panel!!