Friday, July 14, 2017

Emer Might be Crazy

If you listen to our show (what are you doing here if you don't?), you've probably realized by now that I'm kind of the biggest fangirl-type nerd of the three of us. I'm the one who gets super obsessed with things, reads all the wikis, cosplays, and now writes fanfic.

But for all that, I've actually been involved with fandom only on the peripherals. I've never participated in big fandom things like group cosplay, or maintaining a fan blog, or writing a fan zine. The most involved I've been is reblogging memes and theories on Tumblr--until now.

Next week, I'm signing up for what's called a fandom Big Bang--which connects fanfic writers with fan artists, editors, and cheerleaders to produce illustrated stories of at least 20k words around a specific fandom or relationship (ship). Each piece is released within a certain time frame, so there's this explosion of new fan content centered on this fandom/ship, hence the term 'Big Bang.' I had honestly never heard of something like this before (because, you know, I've never delved all that deep into fandom with other people), but I'm thrilled by the idea. I mean, who doesn't want artwork based on their stories, right?

I haven't written anything longer than 10k-ish words in a while (all three of my published short stories capped out at around 10k), so I'm a little intimidated by the word count requirement. But I started my story early and I'm already 10,500 words in with a lot of story left, so I'm pretty sure I can do it.

Add the lack of pressure to be 'traditional publishing worthy,' the knowledge that I'm going to partner with an editor who also loves this fandom/ship, and three more months to write this story, and I'm almost bouncing up and down excited. I'm annoyed that my brain turned what was supposed to be a fun, fluffy story into something that's going to be incredibly angsty and potentially very dark, but I'm writing again! And falling in love with fan fiction again.

Has anyone else ever done something like this before? How do you get involved with your chosen fandom?

Emer finds it very refreshing to be creating again, even if it's not completely original work. She's also excited to see what other people create for this event and might never climb out of this fandom hole she's dug herself. It's comfy down here.

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