Monday, July 3, 2017

10 Things I Learned at Denver Comic Con

  1. You can never drink enough water.
    I had a waterbottle the first two days, but I forgot it at home on Sunday. I thought I was going to die. Water fountains aren't exactly on every wall, and dehydration isn't fun–especially not when you're surrounded by thousands of people in a room with lackluster air conditioning. Next year, I'm making sure to have water with me at all times!
  2. Nerds come in all shapes, sizes, obsessions, and outfits.
    Claiming nerd-dom comes with certain expectations. Example: few people believe me when I tell them I'm a nerd. But I can't even begin to describe how many different kinds of people I saw at DCC. Frat boys buying Spider-Man prints right next to what most people label as the "nerd" stereotype? Oh yes. It happened. Nerds aren't bespectacled wimps, my dear readers. We are everyone.
  3. No matter how many times you walk the show floor, you will find something new.
    I walked the same aisle four times before I discovered the artist who would sell me one of my con conquests: a tiny dinosaur reaching for a bunch of leaves. When you are surrounded by so much art, it can take a while to process.
  4. There is no such thing as too much Wonder Woman fan art.
    I don't even need to explain this as it's common sense and 100% factual.
  5. Take it easy.
    I thought I was taking it easy, but I was wrong. Did you know that walking from 8 to 6 for three days in a row can be exhausting? Especially if you rarely sit still for more than an hour. by the time Sunday evening hit, I never wanted to move ever again. Next year, I'm going to plan ahead and build in time to chill without worrying about what I'm missing.
  6. Your phone might not work, but that's OK.
    Phone service was actually better this year than it ever has been, but it was still iffy. My phone kept claiming my texts had failed, yet Giles and Emer responded to my questions. Odd. I learned to expect my phone to be a fancy clock, which made the times it worked all the more exhilarating.
  7. Con food is expensive.
    And you know what else? It's not a 10/10, either. Unless you have the back power to carry around a cooler with all your snacks and meals, you're stuck. Leaving is a hassle, and any food you buy inside is going to be at least $9. If you have to stay inside for lunch, I say spring for the crepes or gelato.
  8. People are people, whether they're bestselling authors, your favorite actor, or that random dude dressed as Star-Lord.
    There's nothing I love more than realizing that a talented person I admire is also a genuinely cool person. Nathan Fillion, Catherine Tate, James Marsters...these are just a few of the people I enjoyed seeing a completely different side of. And now I just want to be friends with them.
  9. Nothing helps a moderator more than a great audience question.
    Seriously, people. There's nothing worse than a packed house full of silent people who give you no feedback. If you want a great panel, get involved in the conversation!
  10. You can prepare for everything and freak out, or prepare for nothing and still freak out.
    Going to a con as a media person is a lot of work. Giles and Emer and I prepared for weeks to get everything lined up, and there were still a few things we messed up. Luckily, the freak-outs were few and, so far, easily remedied. 
Here's to a great year at a great con! I hope we get to see you all at Denver Comic Con 2018.

Michelle only did one day dressed in costume this year: Lara Croft! Shorts and a tank top were a great idea for the stuffy convention center.

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