Friday, June 2, 2017

Steven Universe Soundtrack Release

Guys. Guys. The official Steven Universe soundtrack comes out today! I'm so excited! I love the music in this cartoon so much. Seriously. "Here Comes a Thought" actually helped me stave off a panic attack for half an hour a few months ago. This entire soundtrack always makes me smile, and I've been making do with covers since my roommate introduced me to the show.

And now Cartoon Network is officially releasing the soundtrack with the actual voice actors (including Patti Lupone as Yellow Diamond). Happy early birthday to me!

What's so great about the music of Steven Universe? Have a bulleted list because reasons.
  • It's all fun and lighthearted. 
  • There are a variety of musical styles, depending on the song and the character singing. 
  • A lot of the songs (like the show itself) handle themes a lot of others don't touch on (like dealing with anxiety in "Here Comes a Thought"). 
  • They're pretty short songs, generally two minutes or less, so it's easy to listen to when you don't have much time 
  • Surprise feels! (Omg, talk to me about "It's Over, Isn't It?") 
Basically, I'm super excited to finally have an official version of this soundtrack and I'm going to be blasting it in my car all summer. You can't stop me. Join me and grab the soundtrack on iTunes here! Then we can all be Crystal Gems together!

 Emer is an episode or two behind on Steven Universe, due to waiting for her roommate, so please don't send her spoilers! She's also really hoping to see some awesome Crystal Gem cosplay at DCC. Not that she's obsessed or anything. Of course not.

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