Friday, May 5, 2017

Cop Out Blog

I'm pretty sure this has been a really tough week for a lot of people, including most (if not all) of us here at Beyond the Trope. So, because I have about zero brain power left right now, I'll keep this short and sweet:

Don't be afraid to take care of yourselves, friends. Whether that's playing video games or reading a book or going for a long walk doesn't really matter. Do something that makes you happy and helps relieve some stress. Take a deep breath. Treat yo self and imagine a Parks and Rec gif here.

We all need some time to rest and recover. It's okay. Take the time you need.

Emer is doing her best to take her own advice. But she can't currently drink tea, so it's hard.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear this has been a rough week.

    As a guy, I shouldn't admit this. I love lavender bubble baths. A long soak in sweet smelling soapy hot water is very relaxing. Sometime I read, but often like to meditate.

    Hope the weekend will bring better things.