Friday, April 28, 2017

Making Motivation Fun

For two weeks or so now, I've been using/playing an app/site called Habitica to keep me on track for doing things. I'll be honest--I totally adore it!

The basic premise turns your to-do list into an adorable little RPG. You set up your account and fill out your list of habits (like eating healthy or drinking water), daily items (things you want to do every day, like write 1,000 words or plan a project), and to-do list (exactly what it sounds like). For every item checked off the lists, you get experience points, gold, and sometimes item drops. For ever daily item you miss, you take damage at the end of the night. You can team up with your friends in a party like Dungeons and Dragons and fight against monsters that do even more damage if you miss your daily tasks.

As a gaming nerd and someone who needs help motivating myself to get things done, this is fabulous for me. Trying to keep my character and my party from taking too much damage has definitely motivated me to get more done. And I admit I've totally finished things quicker than I would have otherwise so I could get enough gold to buy a seasonal exclusive item before it disappeared.

Is anyone else playing Habitica? What are you experiences? If you're not on it, how do you personally keep yourself organized and motivated?

Emer is really looking forward to level 10, when she's going to become a rogue. She's also enjoying watching her roommate play Persona 5. And enjoying reading the Baccano! light novels.

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  1. I just realized, I haven't logged into Habitica in quite some time. Whew! Just checked, I'm still alive.

    I was going great guns with Habitica for a bit. However, I tend to drift into chaos and forget things.

    Haven't tried the quests.