Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When I was a child, I remember seeing Columbo and that kid from The Wonder Years talking about this farm boy and the woman he loved. There was fencing, a pirate, enormous rats, and fire that sprayed from the ground.

And kissing. Ew.

I'm speaking, of course, of Muppet Treasure Island...wait, that's not it. The Princess Bride!

I loved this movie. It was full of action, adventure, and giants. Even the romance was epic. And this week, my wife and I get to go see it at a special screening with Cary Elwes!

Tell me, have YOU seen The Princess Bride? Is it one of the best movies of all time, or THE best movie of all time?

Giles' wife asked if he wanted to go to this screening. All he said was...

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  1. That is a great film. The event sounds wonderful event.

    "Have fun stormin’ da castle." and watch out for R.O.U.S.