Friday, April 21, 2017

Fandom Manners

There's a lot of craziness happening in fandom all the time. I've been lucky to be only tangentially aware of most of the drama, but it's a thing. Things like comic book geeks pretending to be gatekeepers by giving female fans "a fake geek girl test," or gamers complaining about people playing on easy mode (which I do because I want to enjoy a game, not be frustrated by it), or putting on airs and claiming someone can't be a real anime fan because they haven't watched X, or whatever.

And that's dumb. We're all fans, aren't we? We all started somewhere, and not everyone enjoys fandom the same way. Some people collect trivia and others write fanfic. Some people put together elaborate cosplay and others memorize every line of their favorite episode. No method is wrong or makes someone less of a fan.

We all enjoy our fandoms--our books, tv shows, movies, games, etc.--however it works for us. And as long as that isn't telling someone else they're doing it wrong, or bullying someone else because they have a different headcanon, or something just as jerky, we're all good here.

I'll leave you with this lovely Doubleclicks song as a reminder:

Emer is super excited for some fandom things happening in her life. Mostly cosplay planning. If anyone has any suggestions on where to get sparkly driving gloves for an Ignis Scientia cosplay, let her know.

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  1. Growing up a rural nerd in the 1970s was difficult. It was a time when expressing nerdiness resulted ruthless bullying. No one shared my enthusiasm for comic books, none had ever heard of Doctor Who or Monty Python. I had a D&D red box set, but no one was interested in playing, thus I never played any RPG.

    Later in life, I did find a few kindred spirits, who shared similar experiences. Despite our different tastes, levels of enthusiasm and depths of knowledge, we were grateful to find friends where we could safely share our interests. Sharing meant we all gained new stuff to enrich our lives. To me, excluding others is imposing self-isolation. Isolation never leads to anything good.

    As to sparkly gloves, my guess is to go for the triple-G. Gloves, glue, and glitter.

    Thanks for the Doubleclicks` video; their songs always brighten my day.