Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zeroing in on Goals

It's been a fantastic month so far. I'm hitting goals square on the bullseye! And this despite the fact that I'm not exactly feeling "motivated."

That's right, motivation isn't particularly "high" these days. Well, maybe that's not true. I'm motivated because I still want success. Just not driven, I guess. I'm content. Relaxed. Enjoying peace. Which doesn't make for high levels of productivity.

That being said, I'm putting a lot of effort into reaching some of my goals. In fact, I submitted three —yes THREE—workshop proposals for RMFW's Colorado Gold conference. That's the most I've ever submitted, and if any of them get excepted, it'll be the first time I present at that conference solo. It's exciting to me because RMFW changed my life so much. Yes, I've presented several workshops before, even solo. But RMFW is kind of a dream for me...

Next goal: finishing this short story so I can start submitting it. I have one...maybe two...more passes, and I'll be done! The only reason I'm not working on it tonight is that I finished a pass yesterday. I like to let a day or two sit in between edits on short stories so I get a "fresh" perspective on each run-through. Seriously, I'm excited for this short! It might be one of the best things I've ever written. I hope.

The next goal will be a novel. Of course.

Any goals that you're reaching so far this year?

Goals achieved, including a blog post. Giles is rocking it.

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  1. I set a goal to increase my slacking off by 50%; so far, I have exceeded my goal.

    For a few weeks, I was writing daily. Then we were hit with a couple of Nor’easters, followed by subzero temperatures, which depressed the hell out of me. An injury has curbed my exercise and contributed to my general bummed outedness. The National & State political environment may very well have a negative impact on my employment. I’m hoping the threat of budget cuts for my agency will force me to get back to writing.

    I look forward to reading your stories. Let me know when & where they are published, I’ll be sure to pick up the copies.