Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Video Game Review: Watch Dogs 2

A few weeks ago, I sat down and realized I wanted to play video games. But I didn't necessarily want to sit down and focus on in-depth missions like the ones in Dishonored 2, and I need a bit of a break from Fallout 4 still. My solution? Buy a new game. One that's gotten good reviews and gives me some open-world run-around space that I've always enjoyed.

My first introduction to a game of this style was actually The Godfather for the Nintendo Wii. I've never been interested in the Grand Theft Auto games.

This game starts out by jumping the player right into the main story, giving them a glimpse into this alternate reality where the government and corporations are spying on citizens and collecting their information for criminal profiling, marketing, societal control. The player follows a series of missions to expose the data collection firm for the unconstitutional monsters they are.

Despite how serious that sounds, there's a lot of humor and whimsey to the game. The characters are a little cartoony, like a Hollywood caricature of early nineties hackers. But it's subtle, too, because the characters have depth, personality, and a consistency that makes them feel like real people, except that one or two of their personality traits are focused on to make sure they stand out from each other (not that it would be a problem).

What I like about this game, really, is the humor. Due to the extremely serious subject matter, the bright colors, missions and side quests meant to gain more "followers" bring a lightheartedness to the game that keeps it from becoming stressful and disconcerting.

And, of course, there's driving. Some cool cars, taxi missions, and sightseeing in a beautiful rendition of San Fransisco make for a great experience for those moments when I need to just shut down my brain.

All in all, I recommend this game to anyone who likes open-world games. There is some violence, and the occasional interruptions from other players in online gameplay can be annoying (at times), but it feels like a real world. An awesome city with places to climb, machines to hack, and cool clothes to collect.

Of course, this game reminds Giles of Hackers. Not a great movie, but still one of his favorites.

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