Friday, March 10, 2017

Steampunk Ahoy!

After two weeks of various illnesses, I'm finally feeling myself again. Breathing and eating are kind of nice things to be able to do. Just saying. You know, in case you forgot about that.

I'm super glad I'm doing better with enough time to finish putting together my new cosplay for Anomaly Con next weekend. This will be an interesting con for a couple reasons:
  • It's the last year of Anomaly Con
  • I'm the only member of Beyond the Trope that's going
  • We won't have a podcast table
  • I didn't apply to be on panels at all
The last two years when we went to Anomaly, we had a table and were on panels and discussions. If you visited our table, you probably picked up a sweet magnet. This year, it's just me. And my awesome new outfit (complete with giant feather in my hat and lovely spats).

Now that I can breathe again, I'm working on putting the final touches on said awesome outfit. I'm planning on making a tea-themed hat band, with vials of loose leaf tea and a strainer attached, so all I'll need is a cup and hot water to have tea anywhere. Because tea is life. My friend is also making me some other tea-themed accessories, because she's amazing.

I'm kind of looking forward to not having to worry about a table this year. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having a podcast booth and meeting listeners. But it's also nice to be able to go to a con at least once without working it. I went to the second year of DCC (before Beyond the Trope was even an idea), so I'm good with tabling there. But we've only ever been to Anomaly with a table before! So, for this last year, I'm super excited to be able to roam freely and not worry about scheduling conflicts.

If you're coming to this year's Anomaly Con, look for the person in a bright yellow shirt with a burgundy cravat and hat feather, and come say hi! I promise I don't bite.

Emer is trying to focus on little, good things right now. Conventions, costumes, good music, Pokémon, cartoons--things like that. It's been a rough week, but she's made it.

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