Friday, March 31, 2017

Form Bending

Recently, I've kind of stepped away from fiction writing for a multitude of reasons. I'm not currently pursuing traditional publication with anything, and I'm very slowly picking at a co-authored piece that should have been up a month ago. But that's about it as far as fiction goes right now.

But over the last two weeks or so, I've been exploring other writing forms. I checked out a couple books from the library about writing personal essays, and I've read a handful of online articles about revising poetry. I have the a couple rough poems and the beginning of an essay so far, and it's a very interesting experience.

I've been focused on writing fiction since high school. I would always try to turn an essay into a short story, if I could. My college essay was a short about one of my characters telling me how great I was because I couldn't figure out how to write about myself. Oh, yeah. That happened.

So it's kind of weird to be looking at writing creative nonfiction without gagging, honestly. But it's something totally different, and it's been helping me catalogue and examine my thoughts recently. I don't know if it'll ever go anywhere, but it's been an interesting experiment so far.

Emer has always been a fan of poetry, but her tendency toward length has consistently made a problematic exercise. But who hasn't written angsty poetry the world never sees, right?

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  1. Other than work related publications, the only piece of writing I have published was a short essay, a mere short paragraph in length. I received $15, not a bad rate for five minutes of work. It was the only piece I have ever submitted for publication. I guess I figured I would quit while I was ahead.

    I’ve written a few blog posts in by free “blogger” that comes with my Google account. I’ve been exploring my writing history, trying to find the sparks that ignited my interest, as well as exploring the things that have extinguished that spark. So far, it looks like the only readers have been Russian spammers.

    I hope you can rekindle your spark.