Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tiny Novel Break

I'm taking a break from writing my new novel because I'm really enjoying the short story that I worked on for a bit last year. It's been a story that poked and prodded at my brain for a long time, and I never sat down to finish editing it. Now that I'm back at it, I feel like it's still really good (obviously that's my opinion, but as a writer, I often hate what I write until other people tell me they REALLY like it). I'm going to send it through Critique Group one more time, and then I think it's time to send it out to short story markets.

Aside from that, I have some other projects with deadlines. Including the RMFW Colorado Gold workshop submission deadline. I'm putting together two or three workshops this year, and I really hope they select all of them. It'll be a challenge, but one I want to take on, for sure!

There are some other personal projects that I'm working on, too, and then the BIG NEWS that we're working on for the podcast. So all in all, this tiny novel break is going to be hugely productive.

Who knows, maybe I'll throw a second short story in there so I'm pitching two at a time (obviously different publishers for each story, never two to the same market at once).

Giles does have a lot going on, but he's keeping busy, as always.

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