Friday, February 10, 2017

Three Year Memories

Yesterday, a memory came across my Facebook feed. You know, one of those generally obnoxious reminders of "X years ago, you posted this!" that Facebook occasionally feeds you. Well, this one was my first ever announcement that we were creating this thing called Beyond the Trope. From three years ago.

Three years, guys! When we started this thing, we all thought we'd maybe do it for a year and then disband, and never really get any traction in the meantime. And now we're at our three-year anniversary and we've interviewed some incredible people, had fantastic conversations, and learned a lot.

It's kind of weird. In a good way. But weird all the same.

We've been through a lot of changes in three years. Changing the length of our episodes, what we talk about, new day jobs, different books/stories we're writing, new name it, it's probably changed at least a little. I mean, remember at the beginning when I tried to get a Doctor Who reference in every episode? Yeah, I'm kind of glad I let that quirk die.

Tomorrow is recording day. Assuming we don't let ourselves get distracted, we'll also be having our annual "state of the podcast" meeting. It'll be really interesting to look back over three years and figure out how we want to move forward.

But one thing's for certain--we wouldn't be here without all you amazing listeners!

Emer is wishing she could be outside reading Neil Gaiman's new Norse Mythology book today instead of at her day job. Because, no matter what else has changed, she is still a huge mythology nerd.

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