Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not exactly a book review...

Sunday evenings are traditionally game nights. This weekend, my friend Jeremy received a new players manual in the mail that he helped to Kickstart a while back. A few minutes after I walked in the door, he handed it to me and said, "Sniff this." Now, most people would think that that was an awfully odd thing to tell a person. But for me, and a lot of the people I know, sniffing a brand new, full color, hardcover book is very nearly heaven. I love that smell of glue, cardboard, ink, and whatever that other mystery smell is that no one can seem to recreate.

When my grandmother passed away almost a year ago, my dad asked if I would like to have some of her old books. Um. Absolutely. No question. I was thinking they were going to be some old novels that I would never read, but would still keep for sentimental reasons. I was wrong. I wound up with her high school yearbook (Class of 1945!), her commercial arithmetic book, and her shorthand textbook from her college days. Later on, my dad also sent along a New Testament that was owned by a relative of mine who I still can't seem to find in the family tree.

I thought that new game manual smelled good.

It really is amazing how books can make an impact on us, even if we never actually read them.

Emily is feeling awfully nostalgic today, hence this seemingly random topic. But, she's almost finished with the book she's reading now and will have a new review for you next week. 

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