Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Exciting Occurrences

One of my favorite features of this podcast is being able to share our old writing with our listeners. For those of you who write, it's a great opportunity for us to show where we went wrong (and occasionally right). Another favorite feature is interacting with our listeners when we're able to make the time (wish we could do it more!).

When those two things combine, it's just awesome! This week we had a chance to review pages from a listener's "trunk novel," even though he admitted that it's actually the opening to a book he's currently working on. And it was a lot of fun!

Like many works in progress, this book had a lot going for it and several things that could use improvement. And unlike the episodes where the three of us dig into our own pages and have fun at our own expense to help listeners learn from our mistakes, Dan had an opportunity to get well-intentioned feedback from FOUR writers who have also been working on writing for years (yes, we had FOUR writers in the room, and one of them works for a literary agency).

Obviously, what he takes from our ideas is totally up to him, like any critique. But it was fun to take a different approach to this episode format. I really do hope we were able to help him, and it'll be nice to hear where his writing goes from here.

As for the things Michelle mentioned on Monday, we're all excited for that, too.

It's a late blog, but Giles had a lot going on today.

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