Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's Coming...

The snow is coming.
I mean, here in Denver it is supposed to be snow-mageddon this evening and through the night. This sad weather change really makes me want to stay home, wear the fuzziest pajamas I own, drink copious amounts of hot tea, and read my favorite books.

We all have favorite books. The ones we pull off our shelves time and time again because we just can’t get enough of them. You can tell which ones are my favorites because the poor dears have cracked spines, their pages are on the brink of falling out, and there are most likely food stains scattered throughout their pages. Poor, poor babies.

My favorite books are, fantastically enough, spread across all genres. If I'm in the mood for a narrative fantasy, it's the Harry Potter series. Hermione is one of my heroes and I think Professor Umbridge is one of the best, most vile characters ever written. To quote Harry from one of the movies, "Hogwarts is my home!" Me too, Harry. Me too. 

If I want a real life story, I reach for Julia Child's book, My Life in France. I find Julia Child to be a fascinating human being and a terrific role model for people who have no idea what they want to do with their lives. Did you know that before she enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu she had no idea what a shallot was? I like to think that Julia Child gave me a little bit more courage when it came to my recent career change. 

If I need a best friend at 2:30 in the morning, Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice comes to my rescue. Pride and Prejudice is one of the very few ebooks I have on my phone. My motto: Be kind like Jane, fearless like Lizzy, studious like Mary, adventerous like Kitty, and NEVER wind up like Lydia.

Spend some time with your friends this winter. You won't regret it! 

Emily is really not looking forward to her drive to work tomorrow. However, she is looking forward to the cup of cocoa with gingerbread liqueur she's planning to have later. Stay warm friends! Spring is on the way!

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  1. Hope you weathered the storm. The hot cocoa gingerbread thing sounds yummy.