Friday, January 13, 2017

Co-Authoring Epiphany

I don't know about you, but until recently, I had this bizarre idea of co-authored books being things only done by two kinds of people:

a) an incompetent writer who needed help
b) a pair of already-famous authors teaming up to combine their audiences

Obviously, this idea is more than a little silly. I'm not sure at all where I got it, but it's definitely not true!

When we were talking with N.J. Tanger for this week's episode, I seriously re-thought co-authoring. It's not about one author needing help or leveraging big names. It's about collaborating with other people to make something neither of you could make on your own. It's about sharing ideas and exploring the creative process with other people. It's about balancing out your strengths and weaknesses with other peoples' to create something awesome.

It's one thing to collaborate with other people on something like a podcast or a webcomic (and I do both), but it was always odd for me to consider collaborating with someone on a prose story. But I'm working on that now. We've been plugging away at this project together for several weeks now (during my hiatus), and I'm really loving the way it's making me look at writing differently. It's a totally different energy, and I think I've finally made a way to make writing fun for me again.

What about you? Have you ever collaborated with someone on co-authoring a story? What was your experience like?

Emer is hoping the warmth of project excitement will help her keep warm as the next cold front blows through, but she's not holding her breath. In the meantime, she suggests a cup of hot cocoa and maybe reading the webcomic she collaborates on. Because it's fun.

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  1. Over thirty years ago, I was working as a security guard. Off duty, my boss and I started working on scripts for mystery radio plays. However, beer and pizza became the focus of sesions, rather than the writing. We never got past the "Wouldn't it be cool if..." stage.

    For fun, my wife and I will write interactive fiction. We each create our own characters and take turns writing scenes. Sometimes we will work on the story verbally, whilst traveling on long car trips. The stories are always open ended and we usually lose interest before we reach anything resembling an ending.

    I really enjoy “Parmeshen”. I find the mythology interesting and the characters engaging. The artwork is totally groovy. I also love the punny titles of some of the pages.