Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Backing off on Cons

I'd love to say that this year we're going to step it up and double our con schedule from last year. To be honest, though, we pushed so hard last year that I think we're going to stick to just a few. We don't have anything confirmed, yet, but Denver Comic Con is our number 1 choice (when we get more details about our potential involvement, we'll let you know), and then maybe a writing conference and/or Mile Hi con.

It's unfortunate, for sure, because going to cons is a lot of fun, and we recommend it highly. With so many life changes, though, getting time off is going to be a real challenge, and rather than stress ourselves out, we decided that this year (unless some major changes happen), we'll go where we can and say hi, then we'll focus on getting into the studio for the rest of our episodes this year.

In 2018, this might all change. So with that in mind, who has cons they'd love to see us at? Or just cons we should try to get to, even if we're not there to work?

Giles would love to get to one con every month this year, but that's expensive and exhausting. The idea that he may have several months with very little to do makes him much more restful, especially now that he's settling into his new job.

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  1. Bummer about cutting back, but it is understandable.

    I`ve never been to a con. Vermont started a Comic Con in 2014, but I`ve had scheduling conflicts and never been able to attend. The Con doesn`t have a writing track, but it would still be interesting to check it out. The other issue is money, I don`t anticipate any improvement in finances.