Thursday, December 15, 2016

Taking Care of the Writers in Your Life

Sadly, I do not have a review of CyberWorld as promised last week. This is because I (finally) have a new job! This is an especially big deal because I've been looking and applying for various jobs since June...and it is now December. Oofta. It's not easy to change careers!

We've been talking a lot recently about how to take care of yourself as a writer which led me to think, "What about the other side? How can we take care of the writers in our lives?" Being the wife of a writer, and having my best friends as writers, there are sometimes I can feel completely helpless when they are about to "lose it". I don't like that feeling. So, here are some tips I have found that work to encourage and take care of the writers in my life.

1. Ask them about their work! And listen to what they say...
This may seem obvious, but when you are surrounded by writers, sometimes you simply forget. I love watching their faces light up when I ask how their project is going. Sometimes though, their face falls and they look like you just kicked their puppy. This is the perfect opportunity to offer encouragement and yourself as a sounding board.

2. Give them time to write.
Giles and I are homebodies. No denying it. But sometimes we get into phases where we over plan our social schedules and spend only one night a week at home. Not helpful to a writer! (Giles tends to get itchy.) Leave a couple of nights a week open so they can pour their heart onto the page.

3. Offer to read/edit/make comments/etc.
When Michelle first asked me to read her pages, my thought was, "Um, are you sure?" I'm not a great writer, my punctuation leaves something to be desired, and grammar is a foreign language to me. Her response? "But you're a READER. I want someone to just read and tell me if the story grabs your attention." I'm pretty sure I've read seven different endings for her WIP up to today. And one of my suggestions even made it to the page! (Assuming she hasn't changed the ending...again.)

4. Review their work! (See picture above.)
For those writers you know who have something published out in the world, read and review their work in as many places as you can. Preorders, reviews, and shameless promotion from you pushes their work to the top of the charts on Amazon. Guys, reviews don't have to be fancy. Even just one line of "I liked it: good characters, plot, and ending" can boost ratings. Also, follow your favorite authors on Goodreads. You can ask them questions about their work and you'll even get a monthly newsletter with answers to the questions. It's pretty sweet!

Since we began Beyond the Trope, I've met so many amazing writers who put out incredible work. I would need all of my fingers and toes, and Giles', and the cat's to begin to count how many writers I can now call my friends. Take care of the writers in your life so they can continue to put awesome stories into our world!

Emily is really hoping she'll be able to finish CyberWorld this week. She has started it and is enjoying what she's read so far! On Thursday she's thinking about taking cookies to the critique group. Just another way to take care of "her" writers!

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  1. Congratulations on your new job. This seems to be a big year for job changes for the Beyond the Trope crew.

    I do most of the baking and cooking, so you could say I "self medicate" with cookies and cakes.