Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Art of Making Time

We've discussed the idea of "writers write, everyone else makes excuses" several times before. Well, this weekend, I proved it to be true, yet again.

You see, with the craziness of life, various commitments I've made, and a brain that's distracted with tons of stress, it's been tough for me to sit down and write at my "normal" writing time. Meaning, it's difficult to force myself out of bed at 5 in the morning to get writing done (I generally sleep until 6:30 or 7, just in time to get ready for work). Yes, that's an excuse, and I haven't let it hold me back. I write in the evenings, take time on weekends, and hammer out a few words on my lunch breaks now and then.

But this weekend, we were at Mile Hi Con with a fan table. Generally speaking, I try to stay near our table at a con, and I've been so far "behind" on my writing that I didn't feel motivated to go to any panels, anyway. Since we're there to promote the podcast, pitching ourselves at the table is generally the highest priority, and any panels we're participating in (as panelists or speakers or moderators) are also at the top of the list (depending on what time of day it is). So I didn't really leave the table for most of the weekend.

I figured, in that case, that if I'm going to be sitting at a table all weekend, I might as well get some writing done while all of the con attendees are in panels. As a result, I hammered out over THREE THOUSAND words this last weekend!

I know a few of our guests hit that every day (if not more), but this is a big deal for me, especially considering how distracted and in-need of rest I was.

Here's the deal: if YOU are in a drought with your writing, look at where you're spending your time. Is there anything you can give up (TV, Video Games, Movies) and turn that into writing time? If it's a priority, then the answer is "yes." Simple, right? Maybe not easy, but it's simple.

It's been a good couple of weeks for Giles, especially on the professional front. More news to come soon, though little of it involves writing.

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  1. Good job on a great word count, getting into the flow is such an awesome feeling.

    The past few months, I’ve been one of those writers making excuses for not writing. I’m not whining about how I can’t write, I look at it as needing to distract myself from stuff going on the past few months. I know if I sat down at the keyboard, the words would come.

    I look forward to the reveal of your good news.