Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Own Self Care

With the craziness of my new job, I'm in SERIOUS need of rest. You see, I'm learning new processes in an industry I've never worked in before, at the busiest time of year for this company which ALSO happens to be in the middle of the biggest procedure change in recent history.

All that being said, I've been making serious progress on my writing. Because I've been taking care of myself. It's not the same progress I made when I made time to hammer out my word count, but the quality of the scenes is exceeding my expectations.

What am I doing to get all this rest to remain productive and still manage to progress at work? Well, still watching a lot of Supernatural with my wife, playing video games, and sleeping in on weekends (finally!).

That's about it. I'm crashing just trying to get this on the page, so it's time for some more rest.

Supernatural is one of Giles' favorite shows right now. It's filling his need for Dresden-style storytelling. That's why it's so restful.


  1. We still need to catch up on “Supernatural”; I think we are still on season 3. Reminds me of the old show, "Route 66", only with more demons.

    Growing up, there were very few genre shows. When they did show up, we watched them, even if we weren't crazy about them. Bad sci-fi/paranormal was better than no such shows. Now there are almost too many good genre shows to keep up with.

    One new show this season, non-genre, which we really like, is "This is Us" (On NBC). I think it is one of the best written shows I've seen in a while. It is one you need to start with the first episode to get the full effect.

    I would hazard a guess on the new job; I would say something to do with “A to Z”?

  2. I just looked up supernatural because you like it. Wow. What do you like so much about it? Unc. Dan

  3. Love to read about this part of your life. So proud of who you are becoming ... it's a life-long journey, sunshine!