Monday, October 24, 2016

This...or That?

Yesterday at Sunday School, a six year-old taught me a good lesson. We were discussing Halloween costumes—a serious affair for children and adults alike. (I love asking first and second graders for advice. They come up with the best answers). So, I asked Clare to help me decide between two costumes: Wonder Woman or Belle. Without missing a beat, she said, “I think you need to decide for yourself.”

It wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for.

I bounce a lot of ideas off of people. Dinner options, places to buy long jeans, ways I can actually remember to water my lawn… I like to gather survey results and research before making a final decision. My costume is for a kids’ Halloween party, so I naturally wanted to pick something they would enjoy. But Clare’s words resonated with more than my outfit options. The costume dilemma is representative of a much bigger problem in my life right now—I could go down one of ten paths, and as usual, I’ve been asking many different people what they think I should do.

Choosing your next path is both exciting and terrifying. I’m one of those people who fears making the wrong decision. Once you decide, you can’t always change your mind. I’ve been mulling over the Costume Conundrum and the Other Life Problem for several weeks now. Hearing a six year-old tell me to just make a decision for myself makes me wonder if I haven’t been taking too  long to figure things out.

It might be time to jump in head first and simply see what happens.

Oh, and…I’m going as Wonder Woman.

If it's broken, chances are that Michelle will fix it with duct tape and spray paint.

* Don’t tell anyone, but Clare's pretty much my favorite. Every time I see her, we talk about books. This week it was the Magic Tree House Series which is, we agree, THE BEST.

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  1. You are so hip. I was reading an article about how princess costume sales were way down, girls and women were opting for superhero costumes.

    Last time I dressed up, I used makeup & prosthetics to look like the devil. Some said it was typecasting. I guess it was a bit too scary for the neighborhood kids as they turned tail and fled. As much as I love candy, I didn’t need all the leftovers. Now I don’t dress up and we manage to get three to four hundred kids.

    The Canadian expats love coming to our house, as we always get all the Canadian candy they can’t get in the states.