Monday, October 10, 2016

Stay Sane With Crafts!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been caught between a really amazing thing--one of my best friends got married yesterday--and an incredibly sh$#!y thing--earlier last week, my company announced that they’re moving our offices to a skyscraper in Chicago*.

I’m not usually the one to write about self-care—especially since my advice is normally, “Go work out, and then get back to being productive.” But this time around, I’d like to share something that has helped keep me sane over the years: designing flowers.

I got to make all the boutonnieres for the wedding yesterday. Most of the men couldn’t have cared less about them, but it’s a simple way to tie everyone together. It’s not something many people know how to do. I love crafting things like this—not only do I get to be creative and take my mind off of some of the craziness in my life, I get to give the finished product as a gift. It’s win-win.

Here’s the collection of boutonnieres I made for yesterday’s marriage celebration, plus a quick description of what went into them:

Real calla lilies are dang expensive and fragile. These deep purple ones are 100% fake, but look real (seriously, you have to touch them to believe they're fake). The fathers got Dusty Miller (aka senecio cineraria) and Berries, and the pastors got Dusty Miller and Naked Eucalyptus. 

The ring bearers were both under the age of 4, so I made their boutonnieres out of a Spray Rose bud, a tiny leaf of Dusty Miller, and a little sprig of Naked Eucalyptus. The whole thing was barely two inches tall and the cutest ever. The ushers got a sprig of Myrtle, Berries, and fake Succulents.

Disclaimer: these were the first corsages I ever made that I actually liked. I'm much more comfortable with boutonniers, but I'm happy with how this mix of Spray Rose, fake Succulent, and Naked Eucalyptus turned out. 

The groomsmen were wearing shirts and suspenders with no jackets, so I needed to make something lightweight for them, but the groom was going to have a jacket on, so it didn't matter if his was a bit bulkier. They all had Cedar, Dusty Miller, fake Succulents, and Berries. I added a little twist to the bottom of the groom's boutonniere to add a little flair. 

Here's the final collection (minus the corsages and the groom's boutonniere) in all its glory:

Your artist for the day has been Michelle. She has no idea what kind of Day Job she wants to do next. Copywriting? Floral design? Teaching? Something totally new and different??? Who knows?

*No, I’m not moving to Chicago. Ha. I’ve never even been there! Maybe if they were moving to Paris…

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