Friday, October 7, 2016

Lyrical Power

I know Michelle has talked about using music for her stories before, but now I'm going to tackle the subject! Because I'm totally listening to the soundtrack I've made for my novel in progress at work today and marveling at how wonderfully Lindsey Stirling's rendition of the Pokémon theme song fits the ridiculousness I'm trying to hit in this book. Don't tell anyone.

Music is a powerful thing. And I'm not just talking movie soundtracks helping to create a specific mood.

Most of my current book soundtrack is songs with lyrics (with a few exceptions). There's something bizarrely satisfying about finding a song with lyrics that make you think immediately about a character or plot point. especially if it comes from a super unexpected source (like, say, a Broadway musical). It's been pretty entertaining listening to Pandora or the radio and having to scramble to find a song title and artist because the lyrics are just so dang perfect.

Song about playing Dungeons and Dragons and splitting the party? Totally for both the characters who play D&D and for their magical group in general.

Song about someone with the same name as the love interest? Totally going in.

Song about Captain America? Perfect for my character's BFF, who has been described as Steve Rogers multiple times by the Marvel-obsessed protagonist (what? Of course she's not based on me at all. Why would you think that?).

A lot of writers talk about using instrumental songs to help them get into the mood for a scene, but I think lyrical songs can be just as useful. Just be careful if you're the kind of person who gets caught up in the song while writing. No one wants to read someone else's song lyrics instead of your writing!

What songs do you use to describe your characters or get into the writing mood? I'm always looking for more music!

Emer is totally in love with music, and not just because she gets to sing along. She's also gearing up for the kickstarter for the anthology her new short story, "Glitter Bomb" will be published in. Check our feed for more information soon!

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