Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We've talked with Thomas A. Fowler before about branding, and it's something I've been keeping in mind pretty much since we recorded that first episode. If you listened to this week's episode, you'll know that author brands is something Thomas is passionate about. And personally, I'm passionate about it, too.

Recently, I got asked to help some friends come up with ideas for their own podcast (totally different from Beyond the Trope). The biggest point I hammered home to them (two separate groups) is that the brand needs to be consistent. The group I helped that's composed of professional writers, I reminded them, too, that this will become an extension to their brand. No matter what they do in their professional capacity, it will either mesh with what they've created up to this point, or it will diverge from their brand and dilute it, which isn't always good.

It's something I keep in mind, too, when I'm considering which cons to go to, what panels I sit in on (volunteer for), whether or not I want to approach another podcast to be a guest (for example, I won't go on political podcasts, regardless of their ideology because my brand is a-political).

There's a lot more to branding than just those small considerations, but that's why everyone should go check out Thomas A. Fowler's book. Then start applying those principles.

Giles is still considering his branding, but there are some things already set in stone, like this blog and podcast.

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  1. The branding thing is interesting. I will have to think long and hard about what my brand would be. If “befuddled” is a hot trend, then I’m all set.