Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Activities to Relax

Jumping into the discussion of relaxing on the blog this week (and no spoilers, but we're releasing a "self care" episode in the near-ish future, so keep an ear out for that), I figured I would share some of what I do to chill out when I need to destress.

First, I've been watching a LOT of Supernatural with my wife. We never watched the show when it first aired, and it's been on Netflix for quite a while, now (can't remember when, exactly, it got added). But we never sat down to watch it. You see, neither of us are really horror fans. But my wife watched one episode, and I caught the tale end of it and though, "Hey, this could be a fun show." Then we started watching it. And kept watching. Now we're almost done with season 5 and excited to keep going!

Second, I still play video games. Fallout 4 is pretty much consuming all of my gaming focus when I'm not playing a game for review. I got all of the trophies for Fallout: New Vegas, and I want to try to do the same thing with Fallout 4, which means I have to do at LEAST four play-throughs. Having accomplished two of them, I'm now a few levels into play-through number three. And, of course, I downloaded Star Trek Online for the PS4 and plan to jump on there at some point (played on my Mac for a while, then stepped away when new games caught my attention). Then, in November, I'm hoping to get Dishonored 2. I loved, loved, LOVED the first one and have played through it so many times, I can't even keep track. It's a blast and sucks me in EVERY DANG TIME! High hopes for that game.

Third, podcast listening. I have several non-writing podcasts that I listen to and enjoy, and I keep those on my playlist because, with all the stress involved with putting myself out there, I need something to engage in that doesn't remind me how hard writing can be.

What do YOU do to relax?

Giles is writing and reading quite a bit, too, though not as much as he'd like/should. Still, relaxing and getting into the creation groove is a central focus. As it should be.

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