Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What Giles is Binge Watching

I love TV. Not just because I like entertainment that engages me while I relax, but because I wasn't allowed to watch it a ton when I was a kid (depending on the year). Right now, my wife and I are bing watching a show together, and I have a couple other programs that I love to sit through until my eyes bleed. Why? Because they make me smile, excited, and engaged.

So, in order of how "desperate" I am to get the next episode:
1. Supernatural. This show took a couple episodes to get me SUPER hooked, but I had fun right away. I'm not a big horror fan, but the combination of snark, excitement, and characters getting beaten up by supernatural bad guys reminds me of The Dresden Files. So while I'm waiting for the next Dresden book, I'll enjoy this show. With my WIFE, who REALLY doesn't do horror, but loves this show.

2. Peaky Blinders. Season three got released to Netflix a few months back, and I started watching it as soon as I got the chance. Granted, right now I'm only two or three episodes into this season, but that's because Supernatural took over my time. That, and it's not a show my wife enjoys. Since we only have one TV, and I like to spend quality time with my wife (rather than making her figure out something else to do while I watch), we tend to enjoy the same shows when we're in TV mode.

3. The Blacklist. This is one of my favorite shows. It's probably the best drama on the networks right now. It's VERY high up on my "I have to watch this SOON" list. Because, again, Supernatural beckons.

4. Luther. A fantastic crime drama out of the UK with great story, amazing acting, and a tension so tight you could pluck it like a bowstring.

5. Stranger Things. I liked the first few episodes and really want to finish the show, but like Peaky Blinders, it's not generally the first show I want to get into.

What about you? Any shows you're absolutely thrilled about?

Giles can't come to the computer right now because the magic box in the middle of his living room is calling for his attention.

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