Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sharing Our Excitement

When I first found out about LARPs The Series, I knew I had to tell EVERYONE about it. Why? Because it's such an AWESOME SHOW! I know this isn't the first time I've brought it up for Beyond the Trope, but in this context I want to simply say that this is one of my favorite shows. And if you haven't listened to our interview with the creators and/or watched EVERY EPISODE already, then you're missing out.

Broadening the scope on this topic, one of the things I love about Beyond the Trope is that we get to share many of our favorite topics, authors, books, shows, and so much more. Obviously, we don't limit the show simply to those things which we "absolutely love" because doing so would close us off to new and awesome discoveries. We've met new authors, learned about awesome books, discovered great shows, and even found new hobbies as a result of what we do.

All because our guests and listeners share THEIR excitement with us. Yes, this show is our show, but in a lot of ways, it's your show, too! And we want to keep sharing our excitement with you. I think it's important. Letting creators know that they've made a positive impact on us is always amazing, and helping them make a positive impact on other people is even better.

So go watch LARPs The Series. Then tell us what you think we should be checking out next.

Giles loves sharing exciting new ideas with his friends, and getting the chance to chat with the amazing folks at LARPs was a genuine pleasure. That's why he's so excited today!

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