Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

This week's book came recommended from a reliable source: my sister, Molly. By the time I finished this book, Molly had already finished the entire Throne of Glass series. When she bought me the first novel, I figured why not give it a try?

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas was different from many of the books that I have come across. For example, the main character, Celaena, is a convicted assassin, and I found myself rooting for her throughout the story. After spending a year working in a death camp for her crimes, Celaena is taken from the camp and transported to the kingdom's castle to compete in a tournament. Her reward if she survives? Her freedom from the death camp to work as the King's Champion. But first, she'll have to defeat the twenty-three other thieves, murderers, and soldiers who are all competing for the same position. 

Honestly, I never thought I would be rooting for a killer who has absolutely no regrets about what she's done in the past. I liked Celaena's character. She's a survivor, a logical thinker, a reader, and a problem solver. Celaena's world is well thought out. A powerful, vicious king rules from a castle made of both stone and glass that he has built on the backs of conquered kingdoms. In this world, magic has been outlawed and almost forgotten, but remnants are still secretly practiced in other cultures, and magic is sometimes literally carved into stone. Altogether, I really did enjoy the core of the story. 

Unfortunately, the inconsistencies I saw in Throne of Glass kept me from falling in love with it. Celaena's character flip flopped between her hardcore survivor mode, and the kind personal relationships she builds with the other characters. Her assassin side, I understood and found creepy and believable. Her friendly side, I also understood. But Celaena's two sides didn't come together for me. The resolution of the story was also a little strange. I liked the ending, but the author didn't do a great job wrapping up this specific story. It  seemed that she opened more storylines and left the reader with more questions than answers. Finally, and this is just a personal preference, if I have to refer to a pronunciation guide, it drags me out of the narrative. 

I'll be honest, this wasn't my favorite. However, I have read Maas' other series which begins with A Court of Thorns and Roses. I enjoyed it more than this one. Maas is a talented fantasy writer, and I look forward to following her other series as it continues. 

Emily has been binge watching Supernatural with Giles every chance they can get. She never used to like creepy things, but is starting to enjoy the creepy more and more. Supernatural may just get her to read and enjoy a horror book someday! 

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