Friday, August 19, 2016

World Con

In case you hadn't noticed, we're at World Con this week! As such, I'm writing this quickly before rushing out the door to get some writing done before the first panel of the day (I'm going to an armor demonstration in the hopes of figuring out how to make some lightweight costume armor for a cosplay next year).

Instead of gushing about how amazing it is to connect with people we only see rarely or only know from the interwebs, or how cool it is to sit in a restaurant and have George R.R. Martin walk by, or how fascinating some of the workshops have been, I'm going to keep it short. I've been trying to post at least one picture a day from the con on my personal Instagram feed. Since we're all busy and there are cellular limitations, they haven't made it onto the podcast feeds (we do have some other awsome pictures there, though), but if you're interested in seeing my view of the con, hop on over to eksauthor on Instagram.

We've also, as promised, taken some video for you, so look forward to those shenanigans!

Emer is trying to remember how to be a functional human being. It isn't working so well at the moment. She is, weirdly enough, getting quite a bit of writing done, though. Which is always a good thing. Now let's just hope it's as funny as her con-brain thinks it is. 

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