Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thoughts Before Worldcon

I'm sitting in a rented apartment right now with my wife and two of my best friends. It's early in the morning in Kansas City, especially after a long drive from Denver, and I'm drinking a cup of what must be some of the worst coffee on the planet. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it's pretty mediocre, for sure.

This is going to be an interesting con for me. You see, I've been to conferences and conventions before, and the ONLY one I've ever attended without actually doing work was the RMFW Colorado Gold conference from 2011-2014 (because we actually presented at 2015). For the last 20 years, I've been working conventions and conferences, so even if I get to check out some of the programming, it's interrupted by something I'm getting paid to do.

Worldcon 2016 isn't like that. We're here to have fun. All four of us. We downloaded the app to our phones, set up our schedules for the week, and even blocked out time to hang out with friends, sit down and write, and generally have fun.

And this week needs to be about fun. There are so many people we've met over the last two years, but only over the internet. For the first time in my life, I got to shake hands with Dave Robison of the Roundtable Podcast (though we've been chatting off and on through Twitter for several years), and Michael R. Underwood is going to be here, too. He's absolutely someone we need to meet. As well as Dave Koboldt, an excellent guest, and a few of our listeners who are just absolutely amazing.

But, again, there's going to be a lot of playing. The first four hours of my schedule for the con itself are dedicated to sitting down at a gaming table to play the Star Wars tabletop RPG. And tomorrow I'm doing a playtest of the Mistborn: House Wars game (inspired by the Brandon Sanderson novels).

It's going to be a good week, relaxing and refreshing because, even though we're creating SOME content for the podcast, this is a real vacation.

Giles is tired. Better rested, but tired. He (foolishly) drove all the way to Kansas City without asking anyone else to fill in for him. But they all made it without harm, and the convention will go on!

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