Monday, August 29, 2016

May Disney be with You

Thanks to a heck-ton of stress and very little sleep, I have nothing fascinating or helpful to offer to you today.  Zilch. Nada. BUT I do have a totally random, amusing anecdote to offer you:

The neighborhood I grew up in was surrounded by open space. Miles and miles of tall grass, rolling hills, prairie dog holes, and secret hiding places.  To me, it was the grassy field behind Belle’s house—the one that she runs into after Gaston proposes to her.

When you hear Giles and Emer tease me about singing Disney songs on the podcast, this is why: my childhood was Disney. More specifically, my childhood was me pretending to be Belle. Brown hair, hazel eyes, loves books, open field around her house…you can see where it all began.

One summer evening, we were supposed to go see Black Beauty as a family. I was so excited about this that I got ready over an hour in advance. My little sisters, on the other hand, moved like sloths. (Of course they did, they were only 6 and 3, ha). I was frustrated with my family for not being obviously worried about missing the movie. I was distraught over the thought of missing even the first few minutes.

So, I grabbed my bike and rode out to the fields*, where I rushed pell-mell into the twilight. As I dropped my bike behind me, I couldn’t help myself. I took a deep breath and sang, “I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!”

Oh, yeah.

The funny thing is, I got so caught up in distracting myself from being mad and worried that I forgot to go home. We almost missed the movie because my parents had to drive around our neighborhood looking for me. They weren’t amused when I said I was Belle, and I needed to sing in the fields.

Go sing in the fields, people. May Disney songs be with you as you face this Monday and the workweek. 

Michelle still sings Disney songs to cope with the horrors of adulthood, such as trying to eat healthy foods and remembering to do laundry. Someday, these things might not scare her. Today is not that day.

* I used to do this cool thing where I’d go really fast and put both legs on one side so I was riding my bike side-saddle. It made it really easy to leap off in classic, dramatic Disney style. I highly suggest that everyone learn to ride there bike this way, as it makes you feel awesome and talented. 

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  1. I used to sing to the various dogs and cats in my life. They were mostly silly songs, including a few old Disney tunes. Nice thing about dogs and cats, they rarely judged my terrible singing ability, the dogs might join in for a few choruses.

    Hope your stress level decreases. I suggest to occasionally broaden the definition of what counts as a healthy food.