Friday, August 12, 2016

Magic Writing Formula

Recently, I haven't written much. Finding a new job, adjusting to said new job, preparing for World Con, trying to retain sanity. You know, the normal. But yesterday I sat down during my lunch break and actually got a few paragraphs on the page. Which felt good. Despite being exhausted and not quite braining well, I'm really excited to get back to it and work on this story again. You know, in between all the cool panels and hanging out I'll be doing at World Con next week.

Apparently my magic formula (not that that's actually a thing, but I'm going to pretend) is:
  • A London Fog latte (earl gray, vanilla, and milk) 
  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Watching my friends do awesome things like finish their manuscripts and participate in Pitch Wars and feeling totally inadequate because I haven't finished a long piece in ages 
  • Being totally overwhelmed by trying to squeeze con prep in between the rest of life 
Wouldn't it be nice if there was actually a magic motivation formula? Something we could use consistently to recharge and kick our own butts back into motion when we're stuck? Everyone's got their own tricks, but none of it's really magic (or is it??) and, at least for me, it tends to change pretty often.

So, what's your current magic writing formula? What gets your juices flowing?

Emer is super excited for World Con and hanging out with so many cool people. But for now, she's going to try to get some more words on the page.

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