Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Big Things!

I'm excited. There are a lot of awesome things going on this week and next, and I can't help but be super stoked about it. We have four—that's right FOUR!—awesome interviews this Saturday, and we're planning to record a fifth episode with a trunk novel. The podcast is going to be so awesome in the next month and a half, you don't even know! And I REALLY wish I could tell you who we're talking to (though if you keep an eye on the Episodes tab on the website, or our twitter feed, you'll have an idea pretty soon).

But why else am I excited? Well, I signed up for Pitch Wars, all thanks to Michelle and our two-time guest, Dan Koboldt. I don't know how it's going because nothing's been announced, yet. But this is the best state my book has ever been in, and this is also the first time that I've seen mentors actually request Space Opera, which is the genre this book belongs in. The query is more solid than ever thanks to one of my critique partners, as well as a friend of the show who I met through RMFW years ago. Regardless of how Pitch Wars turns out for me, it's huge for me to be ready to query again.

And, finally, we're going to World Con. In less than a week! That's right: in six days, we're all piling into a car to drive out to Kansas City for one of the biggest sci-fi conventions in the world. Why is this exciting? Well, for me, this is the first fan convention that I'm going to attend purely as a guest. I won't be working, I won't be "contributing content," and I'm not necessarily there to enhance my craft (though I'll go to a few of the panels and workshops to learn about some writing techniques). Yes, we're going to try to put together some content for the podcast, but it's all about having fun. A vacation. With my wonderful wife and a few good friends.

So as you can see, big things are coming, and I'm excited for them. What about you? What are you excited about in the coming months? How can we share in each other's excitement?

Giles took a payed day off to catch up on projects, including this blog post. He's been working hard over the last few months, and if nothing else, he's excited that he got to sleep in for once.

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  1. Looking forward to the interviews. Good luck with the pitch wars. Enjoy your time off, after all the events of this year you deserve it.