Monday, August 15, 2016

Artists You Need in Your Life

I love (read: LOVE) DeviantArt. Once you filter out all the creepy over-sexualization, it’s actually a really great place to find inspiration. Here are a few new artists I’ve found while browsing in the last few weeks. You should check out their stuff* and buy prints!

This U.S.-based artist does a exquisite paperwork. Ermahgerd. The way she manages to distill a landscape down to such a simple design…it’s amazing. Some of her pieces aren't just paper, either--she uses all kinds of materials to get the perfect look. 

This artist caught my eye with a few graphic novel snippets in dreamy watercolor. She lives in New Zealand and has a free comic called Thicker Than Blood. Her style is incredibly unique. AND she does fan art and nerdy things in other styles, which is fantastic.

I use DeviantArt to find character inspiration, and it can be hard to find people who draw young women who aren’t overblown Barbie dolls in string bikinis. Chelsea from the Philippines rocks in both style and portrayal of her subjects. Recently, she’s done some GoT fanart that’s simply delectable.

 “Aesth” by munette – Digital Painting

I try not to play favorites, but come on. That handle. That style. Remember Paperman, that Disney short that played before Wreck-it-Ralph? Corinna takes that style and shows it who’s boss. I want her to be my personal character design artist forever and ever.

I’m a fan of anyone who can draw an animal that looks more like a bubble with stick legs (which is how I draw them). Romania’s Christina Manderscheidt draws animals the way I wish I could . Her human subjects look phenomenal, but her animals make my artsy soul say, “Yaaasss!” I want a zoo-themed art gallery filled with pieces by Christina.

I hope you've enjoyed this round-up of incredibly talented artists! Have you found anything recently you'd like to share? Let us know!

Michelle is bad at drawing feet, good at drawing cartoon fire, and ridiculously good at telling other people how to draw things.  

She blogs here every Monday and usually remembers to be on Twitter during the week. Follow her: @redactionaire!

*But really. Thou shalt not steal! Buy their art. I borrowed these pictures to show you how wonderful these artists are—now go out and support them so they can keep making cool art!

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