Monday, July 11, 2016

The Top 5 Must-Have Ingredients for Creativity

After a great conversation with Stephen Hood of Storium (his episode will be out in August—be excited!), I decided the world could use a refresher course on how to be creative. It’s sadly obvious that too many people waste their time on things that don’t actually make them more creative. So, in hopes of helping out my fellow creatives, here are my Top 5 Ingredients for Creativity:

1. Rose Art Crayons
Never use Crayola or some hoity-toity brand from the art store. Only Rose Art crayons, with their nasty, uneven texture, can teach you to be a true artist. As you work twice as hard to write or color on any surface, you’ll learn that no matter how much practice you have, most of what you create will look like a two year-old’s rainbow extravaganza.

2. Magic Jazz Hands
When in doubt, use some magic. Magic is perfect for moments of total writer’s block. You can find a pair of these used on Ebay for dirt cheap, and even the older models work like a dream. Keep the Magic Jazz Hands by your work station at all times, and if you ever feel the muse leaving, a simple wiggle of the fingers will bring her back again.

3. Unicorn Nail Clippings
If you don’t want to spend a fortune on Guaranteed Untreated Unicorn Nail Clippings, you can often find them by wandering aimlessly through open fields near mountain ranges. Pro tip: You must wander aimlessly, otherwise you’ll never find them. Unicorn Nail Clippings can be used in pottery, painting, collage, and even manuscript editing. Their razor sharp edges make great mimics for butcher knives, if you get tired of being creative and want to make some dinner.

4. The Eye of the Oracle
This is one of my favorites because it can save you a lot of wasted time. Instead of starting a new creative project and hoping it’ll turn out well, the Eye of the Oracle will tell you exactly which projects you should even consider. No more hours spend writing a short story that goes nowhere. No more sketches of people that look like bloated stick figures. With the Eye of the Oracle, you only need to spend time on the most worthwhile creative projects.

5. Hand Lotion
No one can think straight when their skin is dry. Duh.

Friends don’t let friends think they’re not creative! Let’s be honest – the only thing you need to be truly creative is a brain. So you didn’t create a Pinterest phenomenon or write flash fiction that made grown men cry. You have creativity in you, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s. 

Michelle collects vintage leather purses, is a sucker for peanut gallery comments, and spends half of her time being homesick for Paris. 

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  1. Okay, you got me.

    I am usually not very gullible, but out of curiosity, I searched EBay for "Magic Jazz Hands". I should have read the entire post. To regain some dignity, I will now have to build such a thing and put it up on EBay.

    I would add a sixth ingredient, the lava lamp of inspiration. This very real object sits on my home desk, next to a "Lost in Space" toy robot, a trilobite fossil and several composition notebooks filled with story notes.

    If I only had a brain.