Friday, July 22, 2016

Reboots Galore

From Ghostbusters to Sailor Moon to Voltron, reboots are everywhere. So many classic properties are getting reboots nowadays, that I figured I should ramble a bit about my opinions on the matter!

I haven't seen the new Ghostbusters yet, but I'm kind of really looking forward to it. I've heard some great things from my friends (the only reviews that really matter to me). This is the type of reboot that can either go really awesomely or really poorly, depending on writing. If the writers rebooted the series with an all-female cast and then made their feminine bodies and attitudes the butt of all the jokes instead of keeping the humor sarcastic and situational and slapstick, I'd have a problem. But keeping the heart of the original series and introducing some kick-butt female protagonists? Hit me!

Sailor Moon Crystal is a fantastic reboot, in my opinion. I grew up with the original Sailor Moon, so I've got some nostalgia factor there. I tried to watch the original anime a while back and it was--well, honestly, painful. Ninety-five percent of the episodes we watched were more filler than plot-related, and they really, really milked the Monster of the Week format. Way too much. But Crystal has a carried-through plotline (seriously, the first 12 episodes of Crystal cover the first 100 or so episodes of the original), even though it's a little rushed at points. The animation quality is more consistent, except for the weird CGI transformations in the first two seasons, and the character growth is actually a noticeable thing, which is always good. I'll always have a special place in my heart for the original Sailor Moon, but Crystal is pretty dang great.

Now the reboot that I'm probably least qualified to talk about: Voltron, Legendary Defender. I never watched the original Voltron series (and by 'original' here, I mean any of the previous ones--giant combining mecahs weren't really my thing). But I'm kind of in love with Netflix's current reboot. My roommate suggested I give it a shot and it was so much fun. The science makes absolutely no sense and there are too many plotholes to count, but the characters are more than enough to pull it along, in my opinion. I can't really talk about how it compares to previous iterations, obviously, but I think that's part of what a reboot is good for--getting new fans involved without intimidating them with the massive amount of backstories and world building that's happened in previous versions, especially for well-loved and hugely expanded universes.

What reboots do you enjoy? Do you have any that you think are even better than the original?

Emer has gotten into a lot of fandoms because of her roommate recently. It's really kind of a problem when the two of them get obsessed over something at the same time. A glorious, entertaining, nerdy problem.

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  1. The Voltron thing popped up while we were watching Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. My wife got excited about the reboot, as a kid she had watched the original series.

    I sort of liked the X-Files reboot, but I have yet to watch all of the original X-Files. I spent the 90s living in a cabin in the woods. I missed out on most television shows and movies from that time period.

    I’ve heard that Netflix will be remaking the “Lost in Space” series, one of my childhood favorites. Normally I would be skeptical of a reboot, but Netflix seems to produce some good stuff.

    Last year we were walking by our theater and saw that “The Last Unicorn” was playing, another of my wife’s childhood favorites. Turns out it was a special showing and the author “Peter S. Beagle” was there to talk about the history of the story and the film. He revealed that there was a live action film in the works as well as a Broadway musical.