Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Work and Success

There are many levels of success, as can be heard in our interviews from Denver Comic Con 2016, especially this week's. All of our guests have reached one level of success or another, and they all love what they do.

I asked Cat Staggs which property she'd love to draw for that she hasn't yet had the opportunity to work on. I can't remember her exact wording, but it can basically be summed up by saying that, when she wants to work for a comic series, she looks for opportunities and makes it happen. She's already drawn for properties that excite her, and she's consistently busy. She may not be a world-famous artist with portfolios that sell for millions, but she's doing what she loves AND paying her bills by doing so. I'd call that success, and something to be EXTREMELY proud of.

Terry Brooks is a different type of success story. For anyone who reads fantasy, he's a household name. I'll admit, I've only ever read (listened to the audiobook, actually) ONE of his books. The story was good, though I could nitpick some things here and there, but I knew who he was for years before I actually picked up his writing. Now, with a show on MTV based off of his stories, he has even more opportunities to expand his audience.

Ann Stampler isn't in the same place as either of our other guests from this week, but she's creating consistently, meeting readers, going to conventions, and getting book contracts. She writes stories that excite people, that are unique, and she's happy about it!

I don't know the financial state of any of our guests, and it's none of my business. But I would say all of them are successful. Very successful. They've probably had their failures over the years, but their outcomes, as vastly different as they are, should all be looked at as victories. They've overcome one challenge or another and achieved goals that were important to them. They've pursued their dreams. And even if they're not living in mansions or jet-setting around the globe, they're doing something that they love and making it a core part of their lives.

We got a chance to talk with Terry Brooks after the interview ended, and off the mic he's just as kind and fun to talk with as on the mic. One thing that was very clear about him is that he worked very hard to get where he is. Is still working hard. And even though (I'm assuming) he may not have to work as hard as he used to, he's still writing, still creating, and still achieving new success. Being successful takes work. That's why I titled this blog post the way I did. Work and success have to go hand-in-hand.

What are you working toward? Can we help?

Giles is working, maybe not hard but still working, on achieving his goals. It may take some time, but he's pushing toward an end, even if he doesn't know what that end will look like, yet.

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