Monday, June 27, 2016

The Best Music for Writing Action

You might know already that I love writing playlists. They help my brain get on the right track without getting stuck in the middle of the road. When I hear those first couple of songs on my list, I almost physically feel myself drop into the right world.

But what do you do when your music playlist gives you the right mood for the, but it misses the mood of the scene? Last night I was trying to transcribe the movie in my head, but my playlist kept going to songs like Ruth B’s Lost Boy or David Guetta’s Titanium. Both amazing songs…just not what I needed while two of my main characters were facing a broken nuclear fusion engine, a genocidal maniac, and possible mutiny.

Instead of wallowing in self-induced writer’s block, I leaned on a few old friends: my favorite film composers. If you’re like me and you need some action-driven music to help beef up your current playlist, try turning on these three geniuses:

Hans Zimmer
This guy knows where it’s at. He’s composed music for movies such as Inception, Transformers, and 12 Years a Slave. My favorite score from Zimmer is The Dark Knight. So. Good. He always seems to know exactly how to fuse the theme of the movie with each note.

John Powell
If you haven’t already become addicted to the How to Train Your Dragon film score, now is your chance. Powell has done a lot of music for animated features, but don’t let that trick you into thinking his work is for kids. He also composed for The Bourne movies, X-Men, and Hancock.

Joe Hisaishi
I will forever be a lover of the Princess Mononoke soundtrack. You haven’t heard emotion until you’ve subjected yourself to it. Hisaishi has worked on almost all of Hayao Miyazaki’s films, which is just plain cool. He pulls inspiration from classic Japanese music as well as from works all over the world to create charming and ofttimes nerve-wracking musical scores.

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