Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Post-Con Excitement

There's always a rush to get our con content up as soon as possible, especially after Denver Comic Con. Yes, we met new people who will want to see the pictures we took, hear our coverage of the show, and get engaged over shared excitement and fandom.

More importantly, I'm always excited by the awesome stuff we got to do, and I'm eager to relive it. This year more than others, too, because we have VIDEO!

I'd love to give everyone an actual schedule on when content will be released, so what I CAN say is that we'll have at least five episodes coming out starting next Tuesday. The video will take more time because I'm learning to edit as I work on this project. It'll be especially complicated for me because our video and audio are coming from two distinct sources and will require syncing and a lot of patience.

Overall, though, I'd like to thank Pop Culture Classroom and Denver Comic Con for bringing us back this year. We got to talk to awesome friends and meet new people who we suspected were awesome but had to wait for confirmation. And they confirmed with an EXCESS of awesome. Seriously, these people are so cool!

Life and work will get in the way of many things for Giles, but he will produce content for our awesome fans in a timely manner. Because he's super excited to engage with all of you.

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