Monday, June 13, 2016

Denver Comic Con 2016: Nerds Unite!

Holy canoli, Batman. Is it really time for Denver Comic Con already?

Our schedule for this coming weekend is so packed that I feel tired just thinking about it*. BUT I’m also incredibly excited, and my excitement is making my anticipatory exhaustion eat dust.

We have a huge amount of fun things on our plate, including interviews with authors, participation in panels, and some moderating. I love that Beyond the Trope gets to be a part of Denver Comic Con. It’s so fun to help where we’re needed and to grow our community of nerds.

As a person who didn’t start going to nerdy cons until 2014, these geeky get-togethers fascinated me. I found it slightly amusing that a bunch of people would dress up as fictional characters, and then sit in classrooms to talk about their fantasy worlds. When the idea gets boiled down like that, of course it sounds kind of weird! But a nerd con isn’t about sitting around with weirdos – it’s about immersing yourself in a sea of nerd.

A con can feel like its own world – when you’re inside, it’s a safe zone for you to be yourself and have fun with people who don’t act condescending when you get excited about something. And, as I tell my non-con-going friends, even if you don’t want to go to panels or dress up, Comic Con has the best people watching ever**.

I love walking the aisles of artists and running into someone who’s dressed as the same character as me. We make eye contact, grin, give a thumbs-up, and sometimes stop for a picture together. I might think you’re insane for wearing heels to a convention center, but hey, that’s a really cool wig and ohmygosh did you embroider that yourself? I’m constantly amazed by all the months of hard work and creativity that go into the cosplay, booths, and art for sale.

Make sure you come say hi this weekend! We’d love to geek out with you. Our table will be near the same place as the past two years, next to the Xfinity booth and across from Barnes and Noble.

Denver Comic Con: Where “Nerd” and “Geek” are always compliments.

Before go-time on Friday, Michelle has to put the finishing touches on Emer’s wings, find her missing black leggings, rip up a pair of jeans, email a zillion interview confirmations, and paint her nails. And that’s on top of the day job. Whew. It’s hard work being a nerd.

*Introverts unite! #amiright #butreally

**Even better than the airport, and the airport is prime people-watching territory. I used to go there with my bff and play Who Are They Waiting For? It was the best. 

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