Monday, June 6, 2016

Denver Comic Con 2016: Cosplay Yay!

Comic Con is coming. To kick off our very first DCC2016 blog, here’s something I’m excited about :D

Every nerd I talk to about DCC2016 is excited beyond belief. The list of celebrity attendees is fantastic this year, and the programming looks amazing. Everyone is pumped and psyched and all those other things that mean being totally ready to walk into a swarm of nerds dressed as pretend people.

And, since I apparently become more of a nerd every year I hang out with Giles and Emer, I think it’s probably time to announce that yes, I’m going to be a part of that cosplaying swarm. My first year at DCC was all about hipster princesses (Belle, Snow White, Mononoke). Last year I did superheroines (Wonder Woman, Raven, Sailor Mars).

My theme this year is… bad@$$ women. I could say I have no theme, but bad@$$ery is just so much fun to say and type. I like to do comfortable, casual outfits, because it’s less work and less stressful to try to make every single detail exactly perfect. Some might say my "costumes" are more “inspired by” instead of “cosplay of”. Besides, so many female characters spend their lives in heels, and I’m just not about that life – especially during 10-hour days at the convention center! You’ll also notice I choose brunettes, which makes my life a lot easier.

Here’s my plan for Denver Comic Con weekend:
Friday: Agent Carter
Saturday: Carmen Sandiego
Sunday: Jessica Jones

Cosplay is a fun way for my introverted self to pretend to be extroverted. It makes me feel extra creative and like I’m part of the in-crowd. Let’s be honest – my day-to-day wardrobe isn’t half as nerdy as anyone else on the podcast team. I need to do cosplays so I don’t feel so out of place!

What are you most excited about for Denver Comic Con this year?

Just for fun, here's Michelle as Hipster Snow White. Come say hi to her over Comic Con weekend!

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