Friday, June 10, 2016

Cosplay is Like Writing

Earlier this year, I promised myself I wouldn't be putting together a last-minute cosplay. Denver Comic Con is next week and I'm currently working on that last-minute cosplay I said I wouldn't do. Apparently time got away from me. Michelle is awesome enough to be building the wings for me, but I still need to gather the other pieces (horns, ears, spirit gum, shirts that I can rip holes in, a water gun to paint, a thigh holster, and maybe a wanted poster). So my day tomorrow is going to be running around town trying to get everything I need.

As much as I complain about doing this every year, it's also kind of fun. It's like having your writing on a deadline: you don't have time to agonize over everything any more. You have to do the best that you can and trust that it'll turn out okay. Which, for a perfectionist like me, is hard. But good.

In cosplay, like in writing, there will always be someone with better skills or a cooler product than you. But I feel like the cosplay community generally has less of a jealousy problem. The cosplayers I know (I can't really talk for everyone, and I've heard some horror stories) tend to all be very nice and compliment each other and share tips and tricks. Writers have a bit of a harder time not being jealous of other peoples' success, even if we don't admit it.

Plus, both are creative endeavors that require a lot of passion and commitment and a certain degree of nerdiness. I know there are some writers (especially outside the spec fic genres) that put their hackles up at the idea that writing makes them a nerd, but it's true. You need to be able to geek out about grammar and character creation and ironing out your plot. So just come over to the dark side already.

Emily is looking forward to seeing if anyone recognizes her costume at Denver Comic Con, given the tweaks she's making to it. Make sure you stop by our booth next weekend to get a glimpse and make your guess. Hint: it's from one of her favorite comics that she's mentioned several times on the show.

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