Monday, April 18, 2016

We Have Something For You

You guys. I’m just bursting with something I really want to tell you, but I’m not allowed (Giles and Emily would get mad if I spilled the beans too soon). So, instead of telling you everything we worked on over the weekend, I’ll just talk about our website.

We’ve had some website edits in mind for, oh, six months or so. On Saturday, we finally sat down and kicked our ideas around. Better late than never, right? Our “old” website content was relatively basic, but it was useful. It did what it needed to do. After receiving some feedback from our fantastic friends and listeners, we decided a few bells and whistles might work in everyone’s favor.

Here are the fancy new features we came up with just for you:

Top menu navigation that leads you to the archive on Stitcher as well as teases the next month’s worth of upcoming episodes. Now you don’t have to wander all over the place to find our backlog – just go to “Episodes”.
 Writing resources! I’m allowing myself an exclamation point because we’re excited about this one. This idea actually came from a new friend who asked if she could post links to our author interviews on a con website. It got us to thinking…we have so many interviews and so little organization. Why not put together a list of all the authors we’ve talked to? The result is an “Author Interviews” page that leads to every author interview we’ve done – and even I was amazed by how hefty the list is.
 Last but not least, we also have pages for “Episodes About Writing” and “Writing Resources”/”Recommended Websites”. When we run across sites that encourage and equip writers to hone their craft, we’ll add them to the list.

If you think we're missing any helpful sites, let us know. We’d love to add them to our bank of resources.

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  1. I have my guess, but I’ll not leave it here. Besides, I’d most likely have the wrong bag and end up releasing some sort of horrible creature. That would be a terrible way to start the weekend.