Friday, April 15, 2016

The Joy of Kid's Movies

Every now and then, I get an urge to binge on children's movies. Disney, Dreamworks, independent animation, all of it. Today is one of those days. I want to pop in some classic Disney, followed by How to Train Your Dragon, then some Studio Ghibli, Song of the Sea, The Lego Movie, and then maybe some newer Disney stuff, like Big Hero 6 or Monsters University. I can't help it--I just love animated movies, especially movies marketed for kids.

So, while I'm enjoying my children's movie binge and waiting for the bad weather to start up this weekend, I'll just leave a little reminder here: sometimes we all need to get back in touch with our inner child and re-experience the wonder of the world.

Letting yourself enjoy kid's movies and snuggle stuffed animals, or get super excited about something, or go somewhere you loved as a kid--like the zoo or the aquarium--can be super cathartic and help replenish your creative well. At least it does for me. Then again, maybe the alone time of kid's movie binges and stuffed animals is what's really useful for me. But I'm going to pretend it's the movies and the child-like wonder, because I can.

There's something special about trying to see the world through the eyes of a kid again. You tend to see a lot of things you haven't noticed before--which can be fantastic for us creative types!

Emily is totally going to take a mental health day and pop in every Disney movie she can find in her apartment. And probably sing along with the songs. And snuggle her Toothless plush. Because it's that kind of day.

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  1. There were a handful of Disney animations around when I was a kid, though they aren't my go to childhood movies. I fondly remember going to the Drive-In to watch B movies and later would stay up to watch them late night on "Shock Theater." My wife rolls her eyes when I drag out one of these cheesy movies, but for me they provide a sort of escape to a simpler time.

    Sounds like winter is still alive & kicking out your way. For once we are having a sunny & unseasonably warm weekend, otherwise this part of Vermont would still be in the clutches of winter.

    I hope you enjoy your binge.