Friday, April 22, 2016

Springtime for Emer!

I know I'm going to curse it by writing this, but I don't know what else to talk about today, so: I love Spring. Not as much as I love Fall, but it's still nice, especially here in Colorado (you know, when we're not getting buried by last-minute snow storms).

It's not yet too hot to just sit in the sun and read for a few hours, which is so relaxing. Just remember the sunscreen (I know, it smells gross, but it's really important; trust me).

More outdoors events are starting to happen, from family BBQs to festivals and markets. Actually, I think my local farmer's market starts up pretty soon and I'm excited! There's always at least one vendor with absolutely delicious varieties of goat cheese.

I can actually start to wear my awesome nerd t-shirts outside again without covering them with a sweater or sweatshirt. I like showing off my nerd shirts. Some of them are pretty epic. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

Basically, I'm kind of psyched for the return of warm weather (but kind of dreading the 90s of summer, ick) and hoping we're not going to get another massive blizzard as soon as I post this. Because that would be my luck, wouldn't it? So cross your fingers for some more nice, mild sunshine!

Emily isn't at all sorry if you now have "Springtime for Hilter" from The Producers stuck in your head. She might have picked the title of this post just for that very reason. Now, if you'll excuse her, she's going to go set up her family's hammock and read until the sun goes down.

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  1. I had the “Springtime for Hitler” song stuck in my head since I read this post, but that’s okay. It brought back fond memories of watching Mel Brooks’ movies with my high school friends. It also reminded me of the Busby Berkeley like choreography for the song, that scene had me in tears. It still cracks me up.

    Enjoy your spring weather. I had put away my winter clothes, of course that means we are now in the middle of a snowstorm. At least I still have my winter tires on.