Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Back Into the Routine

For weeks, now, I've been slacking. Not just on writing, though that's actually moving better than it was a month ago. I've been skimping on my physical health.

See, getting sick is a rare thing for me. Especially getting sick enough to make me want to do nothing more than sit around and pass out. To keep me away from good TV, video games, great books, and even junk food? Yeah, I was sick.

With other life-issues to distract my mind, I've been trying to make sure that I focus on mental health and my writing routine. The side result of this is a lack of going to the gym, eating healthily, and keeping to a regular sleeping schedule.

Sleeping schedule may be my biggest struggle, and it's something I'm continually working on, but the rest of my physical health is a matter of setting the proper routine. For me.

Step one required walking away from the candy dish at work. I managed to do this successfully for a year and a half, with the rare exception of having to take aspirin, which I NEVER do on an empty stomach. I fell out of the habit a few months back and have struggled to keep candy out of my gullet ever since. But I'm a week "clean" from the stuff, and I feel much better. Probably because occasionally, I've managed to get my hands on some cookies or donuts (which my bosses sometimes bring for the employees to enjoy...and once I bought for myself). Yes, the probably donuts have to go away, especially because the carbs aren't as good for my brain as something healthy might be.

Step two is getting back to the gym. Yes, the gym. I enjoy working out. Not to get muscular, and definitely not to drop any weight (I'm at a healthy weight), but to get my blood flowing, turn fat into muscle (lean muscle, not bulging), and get my brain to shut down.

Step three would probably involve completely overhauling WHAT I eat instead of just paying attention to how much, and eliminating beer. But let's not go crazy.

Giles is a writer, exerciser, and beer enthusiast. In a few weeks, his life MAY be back to normal, but don't hold your breath.

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  1. It is so easy to slip into bad habits, especially when under stress. There is benefit is recognizing what needs to be done and taking the steps to achieve your goal. I struggle with depression and an anxiety disorder. I know when I take care of myself; it enhances my therapy and medication regimen.

    Cutting back on sweets is good, but the occasional treat is good for the psyche. I wouldn’t go as far as entirely cutting out beer. An occasional good home brew or craft beer is something to look forward to. I had to give up beer and home brewing when I started taking antidepressants; it is something I miss dearly.

    Good on you for recognizing what you need to do for your wellbeing and following through, I hope the worst is behind you.